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💵 What is the pricing of Combo Cards?
💵 What is the pricing of Combo Cards?

In this material, you will learn more about the terms of using Combo Cards, specifically about fees, minimum deposit amount, and much more.

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All new Combo Cards users can top up their balance up to $5,000 without any commission within 14 days after registration. After that, a commission will be charged for each top-up.

Top-up commission

  • 3% via Adcombo

  • 3% via USDT (automatical)

  • 3,5% via USDT (manual)

  • 3% via Wire transfer

Minimum deposit amount

  • USDT - 1 USDT

  • Adcombo - 50 USD

  • Wire transfer - 5,000 USD

Virtual cards

Depending on the BIN sponsorship and network, we charge the following fees for card usage (more detailed information can be found in your personal account):

  • Commission for card issuance: ranging from $0 to $3 per card.

  • Card maintenance fee: ranging from $0 to $2.35. *This fee is charged for active cards or if card transactions were made within the month.


Based on the BIN sponsorship and network, we charge the following fees for processing payments (more detailed information can be found in the personal account):

  • FX markup fee for payments in non-card currencies: 0-3%

  • Mirco-spend fee (for transactions below 10$): 0-0.1$

  • Approved transaction fee: 0-0.3$

  • Decline fees: 0-0.5 (depending on your decline rate)

Basically, decline fee is 0,5$. Your performance is calculated and updated on a monthly basis. You get your reward on the first week of the next month.

Cashback Reward Program

Decline rate



< 5%

$0 per declined transaction


< 15%

$0.25 per declined transaction


< 25%

$0.35 per declined transaction


< 50%

$0.5 per declined transaction


> 50%

$0.5 per declined transaction

Currently, when a payment is rejected by the advertising account, we charge $0.5 for each declined transaction. The cashback program allows you to directly influence the commission amount and get back the difference between the charges to your balance.

If at the end of the month, the percentage of declined payments is less than 15%, the transaction fee will be $0.25. If the percentage is less than 5%, the commission will be $0, and the difference will be fully refunded to your account balance.

For example, in October, Combo Cards users receive cashback for transactions made in August. In November, they receive cashback for September, and so on.

Information about the percentage of canceled payments can be found in the personal account - it is updated every month.

Other fees

  • Commission of 1 $/€ is charged for withdrawing funds from the card account to the main balance.

  • Commission fee of 1% for withdrawing funds from Combo Cards

Extra benefits you may enjoy

  • All new Combo Cards users can issue their first 20 cards for free.

  • Every $5,000 in expenses earns you 5 cards that can be issued for free.

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